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Strength, Courage & Success!
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Did you know the name Nahla has a few meanings?  

1. Strength, Courage & Success

2. First Drink of Water

Thank you for helping us live up to our name by supporting us with our strength, courage and success!  

By supporting us here you'll be helping us learn about our boat and her systems.  Specifically, how the systems work (or don't work) and what we need to learn, and what steps we need to take, to fix and improve her systems.  

We'll be learning about our engine, plumbing and electrical systems among many, many, other things.  It's a big project, and it's scary, but with enough strength and courage I think we can be successful in preparing for our journey.

Thank you so much!! :)

First Drink of Water!
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Again, did you know the name Nahla has a few meanings?  

1. Strength, Courage & Success

2. First Drink of Water

Thank you for helping us live up to our name by supporting us with our "First Drink of Water!!"  

Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you!!

By supporting us here you'll be helping us as we take our "first drink of water"...almost literally.  We bought our boat earlier this year, and have been working mainly on projects, but we're now getting ready for our first sailing adventures!

We'll be planning day sails and overnight stays at various locations in the San Francisco Bay as well as trips up and down the California Coast.  

We're so excited for this next step in our adventure and can't thank you enough for your support with our "first drink of water!"

To thank you, we'd like to give you a shout-out at the end of each of our videos (movie credit style!) because we truly could not do, what we do, without YOU!  And that makes you a part of our journey, our team, our pack, our pride! <3

Thank you...thank you...THANK YOU!!!  :)





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Hi guys!!  :)

Thank you so much for all your LOVE and SUPPORT in our crazy journey!!    

If you're not familiar with us, let's catch you up!
  • 2010 we started dating 
  • 2015 we got hitched 
  • 2016 we paid off Britney's student loans & took sailing lessons
  • 2017 we became obsessed with sailing :) :) :)  
  • 2018 we drank the Koolade & bought a sailboat 
  • 2018 Scott went back to school to finish his degree, Go Bears! UCBerkeley
  • 2019-2020 we'll be bringing her, Nahla, to ship-shape for blue water cruising & saving our $$
  • 2021 we'll be setting sail for one year!!!  Possibly longer with your support :)

Honestly, we can't believe we're here!?  We're at this incredible point right now, in 2018, where we are making our dream a reality...we thought that only happened in the movies!?  We just can't believe we went from dreaming about having a boat to actually having a boat!  Now we're planning our sailing adventure and doing boat projects every weekend!  This is crazy!

We're just so excited to be where we are now and can't wait to see how the next few years shape-up as we prep for our cruising adventure!

With full hearts, we thank you, so so much, for your love and support!!  We hope you find joy, excitement and inspiration in what we're doing.  Please enjoy the videos and don't hesitate to reach out to us anytime!  [email protected] or just comment on a YouTube video and we'll respond there!  

Love, Thanks & Cheers!!  :)
Scott & Britney

$5 of $5,000 per Voyage
New Video Gear and Equipment!

So far we've been doing great with just a GoPro and some editing software, but we would love to upgrade.

We'd love a higher quality camera, a few long lenses and a gimbal mount for smoother footage. 

We could also use a microphone and would absolutely DIE for a drone...!!  Not literally, WE LOVE LIFE, but you know what we mean.  But really, just imagine all the amazing footage we would be able to capture and share!  :)
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