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You get a special badge that shows on your profile page and in any public player related list to show that you actually cared enough. Your name also shows in the "Thank You" page of the site.
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You get the special badge and get to make suggestions about what should I start implementing in the future. Your decks also get priority and show at the top of the lists in the Deck Gallery.  Your name also shows in the "Thank You" page of the site. 
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You get the badge, get to make suggestions and your decks get pinned at the top of any and all lists that exists right now and that may get created in the future. Your name also shows at the top of the "Thank You" page of the site and you get access to the "Battle Assistant" in the "My Stats" page that shows you the top decks of the past week, what decks counter them and the most popular decks of these counters so you can try them for yourself.




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About Zeymour

Hello everyone. I'm the creator of Shadowverse Stats Tracker, a web app for recording and keeping track of your shadowverse games and stats.

I had this idea for the longest time, probably for more than a year. I decided to act on it at the beginning of the year when I finally started to get back into programming. I started playing Shadowverse when the sets were up to Rise of Bahamut, don't remember if it was just released or what. While playing I liked writing down my stats in some text files. I went from a simple txt to an excel file to keep track of my games while I climbed to masters, I guess it was at that time that I started considering this idea.

About the app: I started development around January 15th using tools I've never used before. I used it mostly as a learning experience and to prove myself that I can still code. I would say that as of now, the app has all the basic functionalities that I wanted. It lets you:
  • Save your games defining player class and archetype, opponent class and archetype, if you went first or second, if you won and the format the game was played in.
  • On the profile screen you can see your overall win rate for all classes and specific winrate for each class and for each archetype, listing the amount of wins and loses for all cases.
  • On the other pages you can see different stats, lists and charts for winrate, winrate trend per month, playrate and playrate trend per month. This applies to all classes and archetypes.
  • With the Deck Lab you can import your decks from the game, shadowverse-portal or bagoum and keep track or your stats for that specific deck along with a versioning system so you can test different decks of the same archetype to see what works best for you.
  • The latest feature I added is a Deck Gallery that allows user of the site to check what other users are playing for all classes and archetypes.

I have so many different ideas for features I could implement, features aimed at the competitive bunch and the eSports side of the game, features to engage the community and promote a tighter integration of the player base through tournaments, leaderboards, a feature for streamers to promote their channels, decks and whatnot. I don't even know, I don't claim to have it all figured out. The coolest part is that the community can help me with this by suggesting any and all ideas they have, who knows, maybe one of us will get that idea that can change the game forever!

Now, you are probably wondering why I made a Patreon. Well, I live in a country that's deep into one of the worst economic and humanitarian crisis you can think of. I had to actually quit my job of 5 years because what I was making suddenly became barely enough to eat for 2-3 days a month due to hyperinflation. Now I intend to work as a freelancer so I can sustain myself and my family while I save enough money to leave the country.

I don't actually want this to be the focus of my Patreon page but I've had people tell me that "it's weird that I can't afford 6-7$" to pay for the server costs myself. Believe me, it's not weird.

Right now I'm looking for jobs but I also don't want to abandon this project that I've been working on for over 4 months now when there are still so many things left to do. With the help of Patreon and your help I can keep working on this app I've put so much of my time into while getting some money to help me get a proper future.

Even if I get no money it doesn't mean I will immediately stop development of the app but I'm gonna be honest, I am under an incredible amount of pressure and it is highly likely that with no support at all I might be forced to work less and less on the app until I eventually, and against my will, drop it in favor of other things that actually provide for me.

Every contribution would be a huge help and despite my particular situation I would feel really bad if you pledged out of pity instead of doing it because you genuinely want to help the development of this stats tracker. Thank you very much for reading through all of this and I do sincerely hope you can support me in developing the stats tracker that we always wanted, the stats tracker that can be much more than just stats!

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With 10$ a month I can safely cover the hosting expenses for the app.
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