Tim Glazner

is creating a Don the Beachcomber biography and digging into Tiki history
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We're not all high rollers, but a lot of people care. The price of a PowerBall ticket has better odds for the ultimate prize of a finished Donn Beach biography in print.
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Steve was a friend of Donn and then a competitor. He reworked some of Donn's drinks and made them better. Don cursed him brutally. I'll thank you heartily!

  • At this tier you'll get access to the expedition blog. As we discover new details, we'll share them with you all along the way.
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Vic bought the decor from Donn to turn his joint Tiki in 1937 after lurking at Donn's place. Donn swore Vic never paid him for that stuff. Donn cursed his name and disrespected his drinks. I'll thank you and drink to your name!

  • At this tier you'll get access to the expedition blog. As we discover new details, we'll share them with you all along the way.
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About Tim Glazner

Writing Tiki history books is a labor of love. Every trip to dig through a photo album or scrap book can cost thousands of dollars. Buying images on eBay, etc. is money spent for something that may never be used, but you have to get it or it's lost. I'm doing it when and how I can.

The history is slipping away. Friends and associates of Donn Beach are still out there. Those who lived it are passing from this earth and taking the incredible stories with them. Their photo albums are tossed. The time is now.

Many friends have asked to donate to the cause. I don't like taking money from friends, but this isn't cheap or easy and every delay makes it harder and sometimes impossible.

Supporting this work helps make it happen. It helps keep me going.

What am I doing and where will it lead? I want to believe this ends with a new biography of Donn Beach, but nothing is certain. What I am certainly doing is putting together a lot of information that is invaluable for a biography. If I don't do it, I'll use it to help someone who has the resources to make it happen. My Mai-Kai research opened some doors. Your help will get me through those doors. 

This is a long term project. If you'd prefer a one time donation, edit the amount in one of the tiers and then suspend your giving on the next month. Drop me a note to let me know and I'll try to remind you.

If you don't have my Mai-Kai book, you need it. It is part one of my Donn Beach biography really. Buy it via this link and I get a little extra: Mai-Kai History

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