is creating black holes, multiverses, and portals
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About Swarm

Swarm is an interdisciplinary artist whose vast practice works around the nature of the universe. Her sculpture-dominant practice encompasses portals, time/time travel, wormholes, black holes, the multiverse theory, space travel, criticisms of space colonialism and more! 

Not only that, but she is also interested in how astrophysics relates to our everyday experience, the philosophical implications of what we have learned, what we theorize and believe, as well as the implications of what we theorize becoming fact. 

Swarm is supported by countless amazing individuals on and off Patreon! If you are one of those people, a big infinite thank you to you! To those who are first-timers to Swarm's patreon page, you can support her and her work for as low as 1$ a month. Since Swarm is making her living as an artist, your support is highly encouraged and appreciated!

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