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I'm Clint Cearley, freelance illustrator best known for my ongoing work on Magic: The Gathering and D&D, and here on Swatches I'll teach you how to do what I do! Each reward cycle I'll release a new instructional video or PDF to hone your artistic skills and level up your portfolio. If you're looking for affordable art education that you can readily apply to improve your work, this is it. I love teaching art skills, and have been doing it for nearly 20 years, and Patreon gives me chance to reach a bigger audience than I ever could with local classes. If you don't have any good instructors in their your area, or they lack actual industry experience, that's why I'm here.

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Patreon is a subscription service, not unlike a monthly magazine. After joining, you'll begin receiving any new content released, but like a magazine, you will not receive all previous content. If you're interested in previous rewards, they are available in the store.
Payment processing and rewards are set to per-release basis. While I aim for new content to come out at the beginning of each month, sometimes due to my illustration workload, I have to skip a month. You will only be charged if new content is released. I'll keep you up-to-date with what I'm working on and what to expect.

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Click the "Become A Patron" button on the upper right then select the tier that has the rewards you want. Put in the information Patreon needs to work it's magic and click "Confirm". You are now a patron, welcome and thanks for joining! Even though you're a patron, you'll have to wait till your pledge is processed on the 1st of the following month before you have access to any rewards (that's how Patreon rolls). But'll start receiving rewards through Patreon messages! Enjoy and share the art love :D

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We'll dust off some old sketchbooks and laugh at my early drawings. It'll be fun...and a little embarrassing ;)
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