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Do you ever sometimes browse streams and videos absentmindedly and then later in the day when you're alone with yourself your mind ends up wandering back to the accumulated fractions of pennies, sometimes as much as actual pennies that you're costing your favorite content creators by using adblocker and then you go to bed but obviously you're not going to be able to slip into the merciful embrace of slumber without reprieve from your newfound guilt, and you just wish there was something, anything, you could do to ease this burden on your soul?

Well now you can browse guilt-free with the special Adblocker Forgiveness tier. 

All jokes aside, remember that even small pledges are significant to me when added up.  ;)

Discord Channel: This role grants access to an exclusive text channel in my discord, where I will (occasionally) chat and meme, in addition to the Adblocker Forgiven role in my discord to make you stand out from the plebs.

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Are you subscribed to me on Twitch, and wish there was an option to subscribe a second time?  Well there is, Twitch has a $10 sub.  But this one comes with rewards!

Exclusive Patreon Feed: Get access to most of the posts on my patreon feed to the left, featuring decklists, concepts, plans, previews, discussion, failed emotes, and more. Maybe even a leek or two. 

Youtube Credit: Your name will appear in the credits of Swim’s major feature Youtube videos.

Twitter Hugs: At the end of each month your name will be part of a special 'thank you' tweet to my Patrons.

Discord Role: The 2x sub role in my discord to make you stand out from the plebs. 

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About Swim

Alright guys, so due to the ungodly amount of time it takes to stream 6 hours a day, publish 2+ youtube videos, and write deck guides and other articles, I've decided to start a Patreon to help me make more and higher quality videos (hiring a better editor etc) as well as improve my stream by getting a more professional setup, and better drawn emotes for the channel. I have a lot of great video ideas for funny or teaching videos that I simply don't have the time or technical skill to bring to my youtube channel. 

My feed below contains a lot of stuff that doesn't make it into the final product: everything from notes for youtube videos I haven't done yet giving some insight into how I think about the game, to dozens of really, really stupid faces I make while posing for emotes.
Just for showing up to this page and considering pledging, you get access to these free samples of the kinds of things you'll see on my patron feed.
$51 of $500 per month
To be able to hire a part time professional editor for my youtube content, to increase both the quality and amount of recorded videos.  

This goal would be achieved instantly if just 2% of you guys reading this message pledged $1 each.  Every contribution, no matter how small DOES help in a major way. :)
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