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Even though defaults are small and can't do as much as the pro players, they still try to do the best they can. Be a default and support me with a dollar you found in your couch! You will alos be able to see rough sketches of my every day drawings!

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Streamers are the new defaults. Too cool for the default look? Join the streamer btw for extra behind the scenes with my comic The Fight!

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The OG of the OG's - John Wick. Support me with this tier and you will receive all the rewards below John Wick and a monthly free commission of your choice from me! 




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About Swirly.mark

Hey, my name is mark! I create a bunch of art for the game fortnite and many other interests of mine. I also make comics, currently The Fight, Ragnaroks backstory. Hopefully with some support, we can get the comic done fairly soon and I can continue the next part! I will posting behind the scenes sketches and doodles I usually don't post on my social media here, and more will be exposed to patreons! Thank you guys so much for supporting me.
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Hopefully get to 10$ before i die!
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