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About Swolerbear

Hey, guys I'm Sam. Some of you may know me from my tumblrs swolerbear and thevoidfish, or my past blogs ask-an-mra-anything (a url I stole) and socialjusticesummoner. You guys have shown me so much support over the years with regards to my abuse, and I appreciate it so much. Life has been rough financially for a while, trying to get along as a single parent. I'm trying to find a second job, but lmao @ the job market. Ideally, I would like to work towards making a supplemental income off of my web content, but this is going to take a while. I am hoping people out there are willing to help if they can, though!
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I don't anticipate to get to this level anytime soon, but this is the minimum amount I think I can justify setting a dedicated amount of time aside for content for these blogs. At this level, I can create more original content across all of my blogs with the following topics:

swolerbear: fitness, nutrition, and anti-fatphobia 
doitforcarriefisher: mental health recovery
transmascpregnancy: resources, information, and general support for transmasculine people who get pregnant or are trying to become pregnant (this is one of the most difficult blogs to run because of the lack of information out there, so it's pretty dead now and would benefit the most from financial support)
fatfridayart: positive representations of fat people!

Plus just more time to publish content (although not necessarily original) for my other blogs: 

thevoidfish: The Adventure Zone / McElroy content
theporgcollective: Star Wars
wholesomedads: Wholesome dads being wholesome dads
garbagejock: art/aesthetic
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