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About Syd and Kyd

THE ABOVE VIDEO WILL BE CHANGED TO DISCUSS THE NEW VISION plus the info below. Will try and sort it today x

Welcome to the dream.

Syd a 61-year-old single dad, Jo his 9-year old son and Alfie our rescue dog is the present Syd and Kyd, team. We will begin a new life relocating to the tropics. Then we will film, photograph and write posts about the wild places we visit.Not only that but we will volunteer at many animal sanctuaries and rescues filming and writing about the wonderful work they do. Not only animals but orphanages and other needy people. We want to make a difference.

We would like to invite you to become a member of this amazing adventure by supporting the dream. By becoming a patron you will make this dream a reality. You will be part of the dream.There are a number of levels you can join, with each level offering rewards for your support.

I will be working full-out to make it happen. And all the money that I receive will be spent on this goal. I am not looking to be a rich man. I have never been materialistic and just need enough for us all to get by as we begin the next chapter in life.However, it costs money to run the website and get ourselves to our new home. I will publish my book soon and have lots of other things in the pipeline. Any help you can give us until then would be amazing.

Why the dream

I am now unemployable and on benefits in Blackpool, England alone with my son and dog. Why may you ask? In April 2012 I was diagnosed with terminal mouth cancer and given a prognosis of just 6 months to live. On top of that, I was alone with 2 two young children aged 14 and 4. Incredibly, I beat the cancer but I find it soul destroying living a drab day to day existence. The dream was born. We will fly out to the far east and I will work as an author, travel-blogger and eco-tour designer and guide to work for a living. To do this I will have to forfeit all my benefits but it is worth it to live the dream.

I do know what I am doing and have the experience to make it happen. I speak Thai and Lao fluently and basic Mandarin. Before I got the big C I was a filmmaker in Laos, I managed a department in a sugar company in Thailand and owned my own language centre and student recruitment company in China. During my time in these countries, I visited wild places, national parks as well as educating regards animal welfare. I also visited many poor children and used to dress as Santa Claus giving presents to orphans. I was always holding back the tears. Big softy me.

The money will go a long way because I don't drink or smoke and live on an 80% fruit and 20% green vegetable diet. Keeps me healthy too! 

So finally if you would like to support my hard-work and keep this dream alive then I welcome you to become a member of the Syd and Kyd Team.

Love Syd, Kyd and Alfie x
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