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For every $20 donated, patrons will receive a signed copy of my debut EP "The Dream Chase," and an exclusive track off my new album "Cartographer's Tales". Along with this, they will also be signed up for a free copy of "Cartographer's Tales" when it is released.
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With every $50 donated, patrons will receive the same rewards as the $20
donation, along with hand painted artwork from "Cartographer's Tales."
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All the goodies, plus I'll travel to your hometown and throw a special party/ house show just for you and your friends!




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About Sydney Blake

I'm a singer / songwriter, but that's not where this stops. I'm my own manager, booking agent, promoter, graphic designer, and tour manager. And that's just the tip of the iceberg. Add all that on top of churning out new songs, practice and then work? I'm a pretty busy woman. With your support, dear friend, I'll not only be able to produce more music, videos, and merchandise, I'll be able to accomplish so much more with the peace of mind knowing I won't have to skip a few meals to get there. I'll have the peace of mind knowing what I'm doing is believed in. And that's more than I can ever ask for.
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This goal is one I've been having to put off for a while in order to fulfil other needs and put money toward living situation and my move. With your help, I'll finally be able to produce my next 5 song EP " Cartographer's Tales," which will be around $2,500 to produce. The extra 1,500 will be going toward the production of corresponding merchandise for the EP that I can turn around and sell at shows. Merch will include pressed CDs (around $500-$600), t-shirts (around $400-$500), and other miscellaneous promotional material, like stickers, patches and banners. 
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