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DigiDime community is a group of individuals based across the world. We are closely knitted together and we support each others projects. In DigiDime, there is a array of individuals that are content creators from every walk of life.

We host servers for online gaming, where we take it head to head against each other and challenge others to do the same.

We have talented guys that come over to have a game and escape their daily lifestyles. We have members in the music industry, movie making, animation, gaming development, concept artists and so much more.

We help build our community to help them build theirs.

This project is made for those who join us to give that extra hand to help us pay for servers, events and prize giveaways. This is not a project to make money but every cent helps to keep our dreams alive.

DO NOT PLEDGE IF YOU ARE NOT WILLING TO BE PART OF OUR FAMILY.... but you are welcome to join us at any given time. We welcome you all as our online family is growing daily.

Other than that, we appriciate you all taking the time to look into this and hope to see you on the battlegrounds.
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This is what it costs to keep the servers running and have all those private servers available on demand.
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