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For $1, you get to vote on God's Apprentices polls, such as whether or not a character dies, or how the story should go. :) Sounds like a lot of power, isn't it? Well, not really. But I appreciate the support :)

GA with your name
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Yup, this is it, you get to put your choice name into God's Apprentice under one of the Gods except Sun (unless your choice name is sun-related), Fate and Rain. Everyone else is fair game. Pick your master.

Singing for you
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Basically, you pay me to learn a song and record myself singing it for you. Though I do not quite know why anyone would want this. But hey, what's the harm in listing this?




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About Sylsnon

I want to find a job so I can give back to other creators I want to support as well. But right now I really just need the support myself because I'm really scared. Every little bit helps! If you don't like having to donate monthly, you can donate to my Ko-fi here!

Orrr you could send money to my paypal directly using this to [email protected]

$0 of $3,000 per creation
This is a really simple wish, I just hope to be able to earn back the amount I made my parents spend on my driving. I failed my first driving test and I feel like I've let them down. I just wish I could earn back the amount so I'd feel less guilty, and less stressful...
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