James George

is creating New Magic Inventions and Routines, Travel Advice, Symbioism

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James Barrett George is a World Famous Magic Inventor, Illusionist, Mentalist, NLP Trainer and Philosopher. 

Funding of this account is used in multiple ways...

1. First being our Change for Change Charity here in India to help out older disabled people with funds they may need for dental and health care.
We also work closely with the Rotary Club here in India and funds may go to them directly or be used to produce fundraising charity shows. 

2. Development of new prototypes for my inventions, some have already changed the world of magic, James has developed one of the most ground breaking inventions in the field of magic.  His inventions are used by nearly every Magician in the Industry. By supporting our channel you will help us realize our next great breakthrough.

3.  Further development of his philosophy Symbioism, a philosophy that supports the movement towards the first prototype city of the future through the use of advanced technology and robotics. See the documentary Future by Design for more details.   The concept is to free humanity from the drudgery of labor and jobs so that humans can move to the next level of our evolution and feel free to pursue our passions, art, music and more creative endeavors we enjoy.  No longer feeling the need to pursue a job just for the sake of a paycheck and money.  Ultimately an end to poverty, suffering and other problems that currently plague many Nations around the world. 

We appreciate your support and even a tiny amount per month per subscriber truly adds up and makes a big difference towards our vision and goals, thank you for being a part of supporting a visionary who will be changing this world for the better, your support is greatly appreciated! 

Our supporters will receive free downloads and magic routines so join us today!  


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When I am earning $2000.00 per month, we will produce the ITR Watch, we will also make the ITR watch available only to our subscribers for the first six months. 
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