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Tel Aviv is Israel's second largest city and the home to over 500 active synagogues, with hundreds more now out of use. Since its establishment in 1909, Tel Aviv has served as a point of ingathering for Jewish communities returning to Israel, their ancestral homeland. Far flung diasporas from Afghanistan and Syria, to the United Kingdom and Ukraine, have settled in the White City, as it is known, and in doing so have established their own communities with their own synagogues.

Our mission is to make the public aware of their existence and help support the city's cultural and spiritual heritage by documenting the history and architecture of the various Jewish communities and their houses of prayer in Tel Aviv. All too often, Tel Aviv is incorrectly juxtaposed as the secular, ultra-modern alternative to Jerusalem.

While respecting the obvious differences between the two cities, our team rejects this comparison as simplistic and shallow. Tel Aviv-Jaffa’s history as the primary port of arrival for Jews for centuries has bestowed it with a unique spiritual legacy and heritage of its own. Our intention is to promote and showcase Tel Aviv’s singular spiritual heritage and promote its preservation for years to come.

A portion of your contribution will go directly to the synagogues featured here. You may choose a synagogue from among those documented, and the donation will be made on your behalf. Your donations will also allow the artists to continue their work on this exciting endeavor. Thank you for your support!
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We'd love to see 500 patrons help us to document and support Tel Aviv's synagogues. Many of the city's synagogues are in a state in which they may soon find themselves shuttering their doors due to lack of funds, attendance, or paying their basic bills. We'd love to prevent this by supporting them financially as well as documenting them for the public. 
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