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Earn some badges in my stream by becoming a patreon. I'll have to add them manually since Streamlabs doesn't actually have Patreon implementation, so let me know when you pledge and I'll give you access when they are available!




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About Synapse

Hello, my name is Synapse or Michael whichever you want to call me by. I'm currently a full time college student at Full Sail University and I'd like to make YouTube a full time career before and even after I graduate. I'm getting my Bachelor's Degree in Mobile Development and planning on going back to get my Master's in Mobile Gaming. If you'd like to know more about me as a person, pop in my streams and ask any questions but don't make them to personal!
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If I can earn $250 per month, I'll be setting up a private Rust server for all my patreons to play on and against yours truly!

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