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    • I post at least 2-4x a day of works in progress
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* Receive a 10x4 or drawing of my choice! It may be your name graffed out or a little character of sorts, either way none are the same and this will be a collectible! It will be on papyrus with acrylic and other misc. mediums!




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About Syntek


My name is Syntek, I'm a self taught pop surrealist painter with a graffiti background, and I'd like to take this quick moment to thank you for checking my Patreon page! I opened this page in hopes of reaching more of you whom are amazing enough to follow my work. A few years back I stopped the corporate rat race and shifted over to a full time artist.

For many of those mentioned artist years, many have asked questions regarding my work via Instagram which lead to creating my YouTube channel in hopes of showing details and a speed through of my creating process. However there are still many times when I am unable to attend to everyone's serious inquiries about my work, therefore I hope this profile can help accommodate that.

I will post work in progress pics, videos and sneak previews of works for viewing on a daily basis. So PLEASE take the time out to pledge and support so I can bring this daily art process into fruition!

Peace and many blessings
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With this amount of money each month, it will allow me to purchase some upgrades to my computer (processing speed, storage space, etc) in order for me to be able to film, edit, and render longer video tutorials. It will also free up some of my time usually dedicated to other work. I can use this time create more in depth and longer art tutorials (in addition to painting timelapses), in the topics that you my lovely patrons want to see! Topics will include: flesh tone color mixing, brush maintenance, how to varnish, glazing techniques, how to prepare wood panels for painting, etc.
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