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is creating Arma : Extinction Missions & Servers
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About James Pitt

Hey there, 
I'm James, and I make Arma missions and servers. 

"So what?" I hear myself ask, pretending that it's you. Well basically, I've found myself spending every free I have either working on servers, building missions, or hosting them for my active community, Arma : Extinction. This is fine, because if I'm honest, the community I've built are some of the best guys I've ever played with, and I enjoy what I do, and I feel terrible for asking this, but I feel maybe a donation for my time wouldn't hurt? 

I've made this page in the hope that people would like to support my almost daily missions and servers, and I'm looking to majorly increase the quality of my content with the start of this system. I'll be starting to stream missions so you can get the perspective of Zeus in missions, and even maybe a few development streams of servers and mission creation. 

Well, anyway, thank you for stopping by, and even if you make a simple $1 donation, you've helped. So you rule. <3 
See you around! 
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That's my pizza fund. <3
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