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About Syren Nagakyrie

Hello and welcome! I’m Syren and I’m the founder of multiple community projects, including Disabled Hikers, Deepening Resilience, and a network for monastic polytheist pagans. I'm a radical spiritual activist and dedicated community builder. By joining my Patreon, you help me continue the work I am doing to bring more love and justice into the world. 

I am the founder of Disabled Hikers, a resource by disabled hikers for disabled hikers. I provide detailed hiking guides that include information disabled hikers are more likely to need, but less likely to find in the guides written for fully able-bodied people. I also advocate for disability rights and inclusion in the outdoors, create resources for outdoors organizations, and share the stories of other disabled outdoors people. I am committed to building an intersectional, accessible outdoors movement that does not perpetuate human supremacy over the environment, or white/wealthy/abled supremacy over all other people. 

I started this project because I am disabled and got so fed up with having to scour hiking guides only to start out on a trail and find out that it was not what I expected, and not having my needs met in outdoor groups. This project brings together my love of writing, the outdoors, and activism into a much needed resource. The project's motto: Love Your Self, Love Your Place highlights the power of love and belonging. I also lead monthly free group hikes, contribute articles and interviews, and work with other organizations.

Deepening Resilience: Earth-based Responses to Climate Change was sparked through conversations on my social media platforms. The project is setting roots as a community blog project, with seven topics over 12 weeks that discuss climate change, ecological grief and trauma, and building resilient communities that embrace marginalized peoples. This project is the first (that I know of) specifically addressing these questions within pagan, polytheist, animist, and spiritual communities. I am coordinating the project and the Facebook group, and we hope to grow into offering more formats for discussion, events, and skill-sharing. 

I am also the co-founder and sole organizer of a network for monastic polytheist pagans (currently named LANMIPP). Polytheist monasticism is experiencing a surge of energy as more people seek ways to commit to spiritual life and distance themselves from the materialism that has wreaked havoc on the planet. I moderate a Facebook group and am developing a website and other offerings to support the growth of polytheist monastic networks.

Community building has been a part of my work for over 15 years; I have been serving community as a priestess, teacher, and organizer since the age of 22, without asking for financial support.

As a writer I’ve been published in many print anthologies, community zines, and online publications. I also write on my personal blog and I perform at readings. There is much more writing I plan to do, particularly around community, grief, the natural world, and critical issues. 

I generally provide 30 or more hours per week of uncompensated community work. My other current projects include: volunteering with the local land trust, rural community organizing efforts, and grief circles and other ceremonies. I frequently offer free advice to struggling organizations. I moderate a number of online forums, and offer spiritual support to individuals on a regular basis. 

I have also faced housing instability since 2017. I currently live alone in a rural area, and my disabilities prevent me from full-time wage labor. That means I have to support my daily, if simple, needs myself. Your support helps me survive while I continue bringing this work to those that need it. As such, my focus is on doing the work rather than consistently updating this platform with new content. However, you will receive links and updates for all of the work that I am doing. I will occasionally share behind-the-scenes looks, invitations to private events, original stories, and special surprises.

Interlocking identities that I inhabit include white, queer, disabled, poor/working class background, domestic violence survivor, out of order death griever, with an anti-capitalist anti-colonialist intersectional feminist political lens. Identity does not define me, but it is the context from which I move in the world.

Other past projects include: a founding board member of Gods&Radicals, organizer of the conference Many Gods West, founder of the Shekhinah Mountainwater Memorial Fund, co-founder of the Mother Grove Goddess Temple

My Patreon account is set up to 'charge up front'. What this means is that you will be charged for your first monthly pledge at the time you make it, regardless of when in the month you join. You will then be charged again on the 1st of the following month. This means that you will have access to my feed and to perks right away, and I will have access to funds more quickly! If this presents an issue for you, let me know and I would be happy to send you a reminder on the first of the month.

I have a more in depth discussion of why I decided to start a Patreon campaign and the potential it has for community building here.
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You probably know how challenging it can be to practice self-care while working hard to create and be of service, and especially how difficult that can be while managing chronic illness without financial resources. Reaching this goal will take a huge burden off of my shoulders and allow me to focus in a much healthier way on my work. As a thank you, once I reach this goal everyone who is contributing will receive a hand written personal thank you note. I sure do miss letters in the mail sometimes, don't you?
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