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About System G6

Hi! Welcome to my Patreon page and thank you for coming by :)
I'm SystemG6 (aka Qoma), and i'm indie video games developer.

About the Patreon:

● What your support mean to me? 

By supporting me, you are helping me buy more time to work on things i like doing(making video games), instead of doing things i don't like doing(sigh) in order to make my living.

● What's in for you?

The only thing that you will get for now is access to patron-only posts, maybe the feeling of being a part of something from its beginning, and my humble thanks :)
This because i'm not trying to sell anything here, the game will be available to anyone to download and play for free.

About the Game:

Lost In Darkness dark themed Medieval Fantasy RPG, where you will be able to recruit companions, build your party and simultaneously control up to three characters.

All game items like: armor, weapon, potions, scrolls etc will need to be crafted(except some legendaries that will be very rare drop) from materials that you will collect from defeated
enemies, harvest from game world, buy from merchant or get as quest reward.

There will be main quest chain that player will follow as game progress.
Companions quests and side quests like: enemy defeating, item collecting, puzzle solving, favors etc will be optional.

Each playable character will be unique(visually and with their own story and optional quests).
Character customization will consist of: attributes management(strength, wisdom, dexterity etc), equipment management and abilities management.

Abilities will need to be learned(except some default ones for each character) from: books, scrolls or as quest reward, and you will need to chose what character to teach what ability.

The classes of characters(warrior, mage and rogue) will not affect the way you want to build them, because only the default abilities will be different, and you will be able to make warrior be mage or mage be rogue etc or mix them and make the class you want to play, it will be all up to you.

Currently there's only human race in game, but the plan is to have three playable races total both male and female.

Lost In Darkness  is in early development and most of art and animations are placeholders that will be replaced in future. A lot of game systems are been done, but there's a lot of them to be made yet. Once i'm satisfied how they all work i'll start doing game art and visuals.

I will post periodically about the game progress, and in between dream big and work hard ;)
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