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There's something happening

The growing chaos in society - violence, inequality, sickness, fake news, and reality show politics - is no accident. They are signs beckoning us to wake up! Remember who we really are as human beings. Find and serve our purpose. A New Earth is waiting, and we all have a role in this positive transformation.

The First Nations people are a huge key in this shift. Their true history illuminates how our societies really operate and for whom, and can open our eyes to our true potential as a collective. Their courage, compassion and wisdom can inspire the entire global family to return to our roots, our sense of community and unity, and tame the beast that has been ruling the planet for far too long.

Centering on their stories, knowledge and prophesies, and mixing in years of personal research, experimentation and teaching, I am leading the creation of video content to get this critical information to the masses. I hope to reach areas and populations untouched by this message, stuck in grief, loneliness, and frustration, slaves to the material trappings of today's society, and empower all who are ready to make change in their lives. This work is for all ethnicities, creeds, and ways of being. All families, geographies and life choices. It's work to benefit Everyone!

-- Here are the two main vehicles for doing that --

Online Campaign and Video Series

Compact content that includes stories, wisdom and perspectives about the chaos that we are seeing in the world today, how we can deal with it in our daily lives and what we can each do to create a better world!

Check out our pages on:

There is no profit involved here - it's all about assisting people! Mounting these channels alone is a huge undertaking, and, with lots of good content already filmed, have become a bottleneck. Here are the main support areas that I am looking to fill and the approximate cost for these services:

Video Editing ($1500/month)
Social Media Manger ($1500/month)
Cinematography & Sound Engineer ($1000/month)
Equipment ($500/month)
Graphics Designer ($500/month)

With this support, we'd be able to significantly increase the stream of content and the reach that it can cover.

Film Documentary

This endeavor is a much bigger one, but the potential reach is vast and impact significant. I spent six months filming an eye-opening, emotional and empowering story about the colonization of our world, how it affects us today, and how we can turn it around. There is still a lot of work to do here, and I, convinced that it is the most impactful thing that I can do to serve humanity and the Creator, have put in every last dollar I had!

My attention has shifted to the online campaign until I can raise the funds and put the team together to complete the movie, a film that could also be start of a series. I estimate that it will take $150,000 to complete this feature in the way that I've envisioned, and it can be done in stages throughout the coming year. Those in potential film crew have agreed to lower fees and be paid in installments. We can do this for $12,500/month. I am also looking for grants and other funding to support this project.

The main line items are: editing, animation, production, cinematography, sound engineering, sound mixing, music, graphics, coloring, equipment rental, transportation, travel, lodging and food.

There is no profit motive here either. Documentary films seldom make any money, but they are gaining attention and attraction in the public space making them ideal ways to get in front of a lot of people at once. Above all today, people are spending their time in front of their computers and televisions. Here is where we reach them. 

Partnership and Other Ways to Participate

I am open to offerings of time, goods and services too! if there is some alignment of your talents or resources! It's a chance to serve others by offering what you do best. Aligned partnerships welcome!

I would love to have you with me for this journey, but if you prefer to just stop by and offer a one-time contribution to this cause please click here. Find out about tax-deductible contributions there as well.

Will you Join the Team?

After over a year of working alone, selling off my possessions and investing everything I had, I am finally opening my arms to you and the Universe for support. It's support for the work, not for me. I am just a catalyst and a messenger joyfully living his planetary mission. However, I'm just one man. This is big work for which a team is called for!

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