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About Sythmaster

Hello!  I make a few ttrpg games and here's where you can find some of them!  I have a number in different states of design, some are just forming while others need to get through the process of a couple playtests!

One of the first things I attempted was a Fiasco Playset called, Welcome to the Fall. I playtested it at GoPlayNW 2016 and it went really well, you can find it a link to the pdf here.

My main focus for a while has been a hack of John Harper's Blades in the Dark called Harbingers of Twilight. It has gone through a few playtests so far, but requires more longterm playtesting to work out some of the longer-term kinks. The current version being playtested can be seen here.

I'm not a professional Graphic Designer nor Artist, so a number of these games are used as projects to learn various programs. Currently I've been using both Scribus and LaTEX for various game projects.
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