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The :DigitallyHappy Manifesto

You know how during the ancient times & middle ages, the well-off supported painters, writers etc., just so they can do their thing? That's what I'm asking you to do here, but with $1/month. If it sounds pitiful, pretentious or unrealistic, well... it might be. So here's me explaining why this could work, what qualifies me to do this and what I plan on doing.

You might know me as the creator of Backpack for Laravel. And yes, that might be my most popular accomplishment so far. But at my core, I'm a maker. I love to build stuff for people like me. I plan to devote a lot more of my time in this direction, so I've setup this Patreon page for people that, for some reason, like and trust me enough to help me be a digital artisan. Crazy, I know. But read on and it might make more sense.

So far my professional journey has taken me through being a web developer, freelancer, manager, client, CTO, CFO, co-founder, founder or CEO in various companies. I've personally launched and closed 3 startups, and learnt a lot in the process. In a crowded market, invention happens at the intersection of fields, and as a man who has worn many hats, I think I have a unique perspective & ability to build stuff that people like me enjoyWhat I now do for a living is usually called an indie hacker. Or solopreneur. Someone who prefers to be a maker, not a manager. To build stuff, not tell people how to do stuff. Someone that prefers to be a peer, not a boss. And I think my experience through all of the above, along with my skills and passions make me a great solopreneur. Or at least a decent one. As I always say this about me: At every new thing I try, I usually become mediocre very fast. And I think I'm already at least mediocre at solopreneuring :-) My startup experience has helped me develop a great system for doing business plans, market research, prototyping and development. One important thing I've learnt, since I've started my solopreneurship journey, is that the most satisfying work you can do is solve itches for people like you. That's why I built Backpack for Laravel. That's why I built Schedule That Email. That's why I'm building :DigitallyHappy, a network of web dev agencies & freelancers. And that's what I plan to do for a living. Build stuff for people like me. If you happen to be like me, and want to help out with $1/month or more, so I can maybe build something you'll enjoy, I really really appreciate it. As a bonus, I'll be sharing my journey here, with my patrons. I'll try to include everything important that I learn, in my solopreneurship journey, so that you can avoid my mistakes. So it'll be an exclusive blog, with lessons learnt. I hope my thoughts help you in whatever you are doing. I'll also be sharing opportunities for new businesses in our space, that I think could be profitable and would like to see done, but can't do myself.

Here's what I'll be working on in 2018, in addition to Backpack, in no particular order:
- create a network of web development agencies and freelancers, that share projects with each other; I know all too well that our industry is plagued by feast-or-famine, and I plan to eliminate that, for people like me; members will be able to receive web dev requests & find good people to outsource to, when they're overbooked; I currently do this manually, and really want to automate it;
- write a book on Building Admin Panels; I will try to distill all the knowledge I've gained from doing this for years, into an easily-readable book; read once and know all the mistakes I or others have made, and how you can easily create beautiful admin panels that your admins love; the dos and donts; the 80/20s; what to do an what not to do, using Backpack or any other software you prefer; I currently have all this information stored in one place (in my head), and really want to put it on paper, for others to take a look at;
- create an App Store for Composer; a marketplace where you can browse, buy and easily install high-qualify PHP packages; making Backpack make some sort of money has been so difficult, and I really want help other indie developers not go through the same thing; App Store for iOS brought on a new era of high-qualify mobile apps; I think an App Store for Composer, where devs can publish $1 apps that are easily installable will also bring a new era and sustainability for the PHP community; I really want to make it easy for developers to just create a great PHP package, put it out there, and start making money thanks to it;

So yes, if I get my way, at the end of this year:
- web developers & designers will have the first ever book on how to build administration panels;
- freelancers and web dev agencies will have a place find new work and outsource development;
- PHP developers will have an online store to post their high-quality creations and make money;

If any of my new projects interests you, please consider buying me a cup of coffee every month. It will help me shift my focus from making ends meet into building this stuff. Thanks a lot :-)


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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post
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