Taberna Vagantis

is creating woodwork, historical reenactment
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About Taberna Vagantis

We are a small Polish-Norway venture, that is active in historical reconstruction movement for about 25 years. Of course we were not became a craftsmen at the very beginning of this. First it was a sheer fun, then historical studies, and finally someone gave me a chisel and I started to carve. I have bought my first real tools, I arranged my first bench, and learned to carve in various materials, like amber.

We sell our wares (made by me, my family and friends) on historical markets almost in all Europe. From the southern France to the northern shores of Norway Lofots. From Finland to Germany. Every year we drive nearly 80 000 km of roads and wilderness, to get where the people wants to hear us and see how the history is reborn.

But now it`s time to go to the next step - we never think about us as artist - but more and more people tell us to free our mind and start to create - that what we treat as craft move to the art level. And with your help we can try...
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Our first goal : Tell you how it all started – fully uncovered Taberna Vagantis history

It`s not easy task since I`m not very youtube person but in that way you can understand us more and see how it`s started and where we going

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