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Every podcaster has said at some point “if we just charged a dollar an episode”. Thank you for helping make that dream a reality! All TAC Patrons get access to the TAC Patron Discord where you can skip the inbox and send questions into the show directly!
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Thanks for the extra support! $2 Patrons get preferred entry into future TAC community tournaments (TACO)! You also get access to the Patron Discord.
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Become an Angry Producer! Ok, well hopefully you won’t be angry. We’re still working on the name. But your name will be at the end of every episode as a producer of The Angry Chicken. You also get preferred entry into TACO tournaments and access to the TAC Patron Discord.
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About The Angry Chicken

The Angry Chicken has been bringing you weekly news, strategies, sharing stories, and cultivating an all-inclusive community of Hearthstone players, for over three hundred episodes. Many listeners ask how they can help support the show and Patreon is the best way to do so.

TAC will always be free, this is just an opt-in way to support the show.
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Remember TACO? Wasn’t that fun? Well we’re going to do three of those a year now. With each expansion, we will run a tournament where Patrons supporting us for $2 an episode will get preferred entry, with all other Patrons getting early entry as well one week later.
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