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♦ You'll get to lay your eyes upon the top-secret information about what's happening and what I'm working on that I may or may not bestow upon you. O:
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per longer than 20 second video

About Taceo

Hai! ;3

I'm an animator from Sweden who's trying to become a successful film animator. I'm currently making animations on my Youtube channel using a 3D animating software called Source Filmmaker.

The reason I started this Patreon page is for one, to improve the quality of my videos and decrease the time it takes to create them by being able to upgrade my equipment, secondly, it will help me being able to fund animation classes in the future and let me live my ultimate dream of being a professional animator!

If you do become a patreon of my content, you won't be paying for the shorts, update videos or random videos I make, only the longer and better stuff. C:

Thanks for your time! ;D

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