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Awesomesauce! Pledge five dollars a month, and at some point I'll send you a postcard from wherever I happen to be. It might be from my home in Portland, it might be from a ghost town in the desert of California, it might be from some improbable place like Alaska. Hard to say; I never know where I'm going to be. You also get the front-row seat to a horribly mangled metaphor in my Patreon feed.
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What do I do? I'm part mad scientist, part gonzo journalist, which means I invent things and I write.

First, the mad scientist part. Technically, I suppose I'm a mad engineer, though the distinction is lost on a lot of folks. I have made everything from a brainwave-controlled vibrator (seriously!) to a sensor-equipped strapon the wearer can feel.

And I write. A lot. I've been writing about polyamory on the Web since about 1996 or so, and I just co-authored and published a book on the subject. I write about BDSM. I write about computer security.

Want movie reviews? I've got you covered there, too. These aren't your everyday movie reviews, though:

CAPTAIN AMERICA jumps out of the AIRPLANE without a PARACHUTE and then climbs aboard the SHIP, which would not have been possible if the PIRATES had taken the simple precaution of NOT DROPPING ANCHOR AND STANDING PERFECTLY STILL

EXPENDABLE GENERIC PIRATE: I think we should start pointlessly killing hostages. I say this not to gain any tactical or strategic advantage, but to let the audience know that we're bad guys so it's okay to kill us.

EXPENDABLE GENERIC PIRATE #2: Perhaps we should start the engines and make the ship, like, move or something. You know, in case someone tries to board us by jumping out of a secret stealth airplane without a parachute and then climbing on board to singlehandedly slaughter all of us.



I also write about transhumanism and philosophy and...well, you get the idea. I did say I write a lot!

I take pictures, too. Lots of pictures. I take pictures of people I know:

I take pictures of things I see:

Sometimes, I combine all these things into improbable adventures, like heading off into the desert for a few weeks with a camper van and one of my sweeties and touring the ruins of old ghost towns, which I write about and take pictures of.

All this requires massive amounts of Mountain Dew, which I turn into creativity. And I'd love your help in keeping me supplied with Mountain Dew.
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 54 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 54 exclusive posts

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