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About Tails from Talismania

Introduction to Talismania

In the beginning, there was little but cold stone and lightless skies: an endless canvas of potential from which the Gate Master carved their miracle, Talismania. This vast and verdant expanse of limitless landscapes and lush environs became fertile ground for the myriad life later crafted: spirits fit to witness such a wonderful realm.

Now, when the Blue Moon peaks high in the sky, the most adventurous and curious of these creatures gather amidst the eternal groves of Elidir and prepare to make the long passage to Earth. The Gate Master bestows a wondrous talisman each as they leave - hand-woven mementos and reminders of their origin, each with careful and unique inscription.

Perhaps their talismans might open the way to more of their kind emerging from their mystical realm. And who knows? Perhaps some of the magic of Talismania followed them to their new home…

How can you help?

The gateway between our world and theirs is fragile. A quest appears before the generous - a call to arms - to keep the portal open.

A Keeper of the Gates, known as a patreon on Earth, undertakes this quest and provides the key to the evolution of Talismania. 'Tis but a young company, so monetary support granted by a Keeper of the Gates means we can develop the creatures into ever more magical & elaborate designs.

Our aim is to make receiving our toys a truly special experience right from the beginning. To do this, we're using the highest quality materials we can, and putting extra time into the crafting of each to make sure they're 100% perfect. It's a labor of love which we hope shows through our creations.
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Upon reaching $100 per month, we'll start creating matching talismans for humans!
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