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  • Conversations & Polls surrounding future sketches on Take Time.
  • Patron-Only Discussions on which watch(es) or accessories to acquire for review on Take Time
  • Patron-Only Polls for which watch(es) or accessories will be reviewed on Take Time




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Hello and welcome! I'm Patrick Marlett: Host & Content Creator of Take Time, a YouTube Channel. I want to personally thank you, the Subscribers of Take Time, for helping make all of this possible. Take Time is a Channel created for watch enthusiasts first and foremost. With your support I will be setting up Reviews & Giveaways for YouTube Subscribers and Fans.
$12 of $750 per month
While working towards our $750 Monthly Goal, I will spend every dollar received to better the show! Ultimately, I aim to have a portion of these contributions to go towards buying watches to be featured on Take Time, but leading up to that point I will:
  • Buy equipment to help with production
  • Buy items to be featured (relying on discussions here)
  • ... and take a day or two off work!
However, once we hit our $750 Goal...
1/3rd of Every Dollar (rounded up) on the total Patreon-contributed amount will go towards the selected watch from our polls. Once our Monthly Goal is reached, I will acquire the watch and shoot a Two Part Unboxing/First Impression and Review.
  • Why only "1/3rd"? Patreon zaps 20% off the top of every contribution. Exactly 1/3rd of the value will go towards the watch, not to include tax/shipping fees and fees associated with getting the watch to it's new owner.

The watch purchased from our Polls will be featured in a Giveaway on the Channel! All Giveaways will be managed through Gleam and featured on Take Time for all YouTube Viewers/Subscibers. Entries are not limited to Patreon Supporters. There is no purchase necessary to win, nor does a purchase increase your chance to win.

Example: For May, 2025, we pulled in $765 dollars! That makes a cool, $255 dollars for our Patron selected watch. The watch will be acquired and reviewed June (of 2025) and featured in a giveaway at the beginning of July! The contest ends at the close of the month - July 31st, at 11:59pm (EST) - and the winner will be announced at the beginning of August. (Much like how "Giveaways" have been handle on the Channel to this point, via Gleam for all YouTube Viewers/Subscribers).
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 3 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 3 exclusive posts
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