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oh my god! You really didn't have to! But I can't say thank you enough! (Access to Patreon Exclusive Discord Server Coming Soon!) Also grants access to any community Polls.

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Passing Inspiration
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Oh! Well Thank you so much! At this tier - each and every month, I'll write you a specialized rhyming couplet. All Rhyming Couplets will be posted on the Patreon Feed Each Month once the full batch is complete!  

Coffee Shop Conspirators
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Ahh! Bless you! At this Tier on top of getting a monthly Rhyming Couplet and everything in the 1 dollar tier - you'll get Early Access to any essays I post to Medium. There won't be any set schedule for these, but it'll be a chance to give your input before everyone else if you so choose! Thank you for your Support! 




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Hi! I'm a hobbyist media creator, poet, philosopher, photographer type. I'm constantly exploring the limits of representation through Art (Poetry, Photography). I try and break down media and how I feel about it in a critical way on Medium from time to time I also, very rarely try and do things like make Youtube videos and Let's Plays (I'm endeavoring to get serious about this soon), and in general just try and make people smile online. If you'd like to join me on this journey and support it, I'd be forever grateful! Maybe we'll watch Movies on Rabbit and discuss them. Maybe I'll stream some of my ever growing video game collection!  - There might occasionally be Kingdom Hearts and Ace Attorney Fanfiction too.
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Reaching this level will allow me the ability to upgrade my Internet to better stream on a regular basis and begin investing in more interesting tools for photography to take more daring and exciting shoots!
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