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Hi, I'm Jessica (or Time-Machine). I'm an internet person. I've been watching and reacting to movies and TV publicly online for most of my life just for my own entertainment. But recently folks have been reaching out to me to let me know they like what I do and would like to give back. 

I cannot even begin to express how much this means to me. 

My main sphere is liveblogs of TV, movies, and anime. Plus reactions and reviews. These are completely free, and can be found at my tumblr: https://timemachineliveblogs.tumblr.com/

But I also host online games, do social commentary, answer questions, and am supremely willing to embarrass myself for a laugh. This often mean doing things I have little to no competence in and posting the results, including making music, drawing, photoshop, and more. 

I'm also interested in hosting more online games - whether on stream on in private, like Jackbox games, Cards Against Humanity (especially custom decks), and maybe even one day some tabletop RPGing. 

I am so grateful to every person who's ever leant a hand, offered their resources, or even just expressed appreciation. I know and respect (intimately, because it tends to be my situation) that people don't always have money, which is why I care about everyone who reads my blog. Each like, each reply, each word of thanks makes me feel so honored and I only hope I can produce something that earns it.
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