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About TalentBlvd

TalentBlvd, a very selective practice providing mentoring and coaching to highly visible executives and multimedia talent. Practice leverages the award winning strategic marketing and branding of founder and President Mike McNamara.

From Corporate Directors and Executives to Reality TV and Film. From QVC to The Grand Ole Opry and Major League Sports, TalentBlvd clients all share one thing - a passion for best in class and timeless personal brands.

Goal of TalentBlvd is to create a self sustaining career management co-op through our Patron's donation of $1 a month in exchange for content, coaching, and networking access.  Simply, we want to help as many early, mid, and late career professionals as possible.

PLEASE post a bio and link to your reel and/or resume in the Community! 
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First goal is to reach 100 Early or Mid Career Millennials with Tips and Advice from a Nationally Recognized and Award Winning Talent Manager, Mike McNamara, founder of TalentBlvd
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