Tales of Two Cities Podcast

is creating stories of the haunted, peculiar, and unexplained
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About Tales of Two Cities Podcast

Based out of Los Angeles, CA, and Eugene, Oregon, Ellie and Nikki tell stories of the haunted, peculiar, and unexplained from different cities. We met in a popular culture class and bonded over our fascination with the strange and absurd. Our love for story telling and investigating the enigmatic has fostered this labor of love. Every other week we pick a different and unique topic and compare and contrast stories from two cities in the US. It's weird, fun, and different, just like us.We’re learning and growing, trying constantly to hone the craft of telling a great story.

But the difference between a good podcast and a great one is money. We're both struggling. We work multiple jobs to get by. We're investing time and energy into this podcast because we love it, but to continue to grow we need money to invest and expand. This is why we need your help.

By becoming part of our Patreon family, you'll not just be helping us with our basic episodes, but you are contributing to the expansion of Tales of Two Cities as a brand. We will be working on merchandise, more episodes and would love to one day have a tour of live shows. 

What We Plan on Doing

-More content
-Better sound quality
-More merch

-Get out on the road

We're amazed with the growing turnout of our podcast, and we hope we can continue to make this little fun hobby last for a long time.

Thank you,

Ellie and Nikki
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