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Talking Bout The Blues 

Lamont Jack Pearley
Founder, Publisher

Talking Bout The Blues “Celebrating Our Heritage and Preserving Blues Music”, providing intellectual conversations, historical facts, and necessary coverage of the African American experience that uplifts our community while working toward a more diverse media outlet.

Talking Bout The Blues is the Folklorist and culture hub in the celebration of African American heritage and preservation of Blues Music, founded in 2011 by Lamont Jack Pearley. Talking Bout The Blues provides intellectual conversations, historical facts, and necessary coverage of the African American experience that uplifts our community while working toward a more diverse media outlet.
Located in New York City with an audience reach of  just over 44k and 3750-4000 listeners per week on our live stream podcast, Talking Bout The Blues, holds a very important ingredient - it is a targeted, niche audience predominantly covering families 28 to 55 years of age. Out of the 44k listeners , more than half are located in the United States. Because our main focus is to celebrate the African American Heritage and preserve Blues music and culture, the educational portion of our media and broadcast caters to families, schools, and mom and pop businesses. As servants of the African American community, we push literacy, and music appreciation. Majority of our audience are working families, whether one or two parent homes, and they fall in between the range of middle to upper middle class.

Our goal is to enlighten and reconnect our community to the original American music that was birthed through the Black Experience on this land, so we can encourage our community to reclaim our history, utilize our voice to tell our story, and pass our heritage and culture through generations. 
Talking Bout The Blues Podcast
Talking Bout The Blues podcast is our featured program that took the brand from a hobby to a business. Gaining enough popularity from the unique voice of the program, Talking Bout The Blues is in transition from being a once a week broadcast on, to a daily syndicated program on the same station. And is syndicated weekly on WFDU HD2 every Wednesday From 5-6pm followed by Jack Dappa Blues from 6pm-10pm.

Talking Bout The Blues Video Series
“African American Folklorists, Writers and The Blues”

Celebrating African Americans who’ve made a significant contribution to the Black experience and the music it birthed.

The mission of ‘African American Folklorists, Writers and The Blues’ is to highlight African American writers, folklorists, ethnologist, composers and playwrights, that documented, described and flat out canvased the Black experience through their works, connecting the dots between the Blues, Spirituals, work songs, prison songs and the social and economic climate of Blacks in America.

Talking Bout The Blues Video Series cont.
This Talking Bout The Blues Original video series documents the the connection between the Black experience and the music that it birthed.

News and Media
The article portion of the site, which is is currently expanding; highlights historical facts, education, opinions, Blues and Black History on other continents and thought-provoking commentary by journalists, historians, musicians and enthusiasts.

Overall Objective
Talking Bout The Blues is Interested in using current journalism, film and multi-media production experience to produce engaging and historically accurate content that explores and highlights the black experience and culture.

Having over ten years experience in end-to-end production of on-air content, multi-media content, as well as, theater and television content; I have an abundance of experience working on assigned content for producers or syndications as well as, the ability to find a story and produce my own content from beginning to end.

I started my career in independent film, television and multi media. Beginning as a first assistant director on the documentary “B&H Vignettes”, and I earned television credits as an assistant editor at City Lights Media. I also produced and directed video and audio podcasts for Businessweek’s online media, which allowed me to move up to studio manager where I set the lights, cameras, and ran the switchboard, along with directing a 1/2 hour news program titled ”The Businessweek”. My experience with internet radio began when I hosted and produced a talk radio show called “Indie Film Makers Talk” on Blogtalk radio. Currently, I host and produce a podcast called 'Talking Bout The Blues" which is a series that preserves the heritage of Blues music and culture all while setting a platform for current Blues artists and historians. I also host and produce a weekly radio program on WFDU HD2 89.1 called "Jack Dappa Blues” where I play everything from Primitive Blues to independent artists of today, while sharing a little history about the artists.

Who is Talking Bout The Blues
We are a small family production team of media makers, from podcasts, to videos. Usually, I'm running around with a camera, then sitting at my editing station with my wife and children most of the day, then after that I'm either interviewing people for the podcast, or at the WFDU radio station playing Blues for the good people. My wife and children are my production team, research team and board, with the help of a couple great people that are always eager to volunteer. We read the literature and listen to the music together and discuss it, which inspires me to produce the pieces.

I am a filmmaker, blues musician, and media content producer always looking to upgrade my content to serve those who take time and are interested in our productions. 

We keep our Patreon pledges low, because we understand the economic climate. As we move forward, we may change some tiers and raise the rewards in the future. 

I look forward to producing content for your learning and entertainment pleasures.
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Once we make the goal of $5000 monthly, that would allow us to broadcast daily podcasts and videos.
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