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Talking Sober is an online community forum that provides thousands of members with a place to talk about their sobriety.
Hello - Robin here.

When I started Talking Sober I had a simple goal in mind. I wanted to create a safe space where people could interact with others who are going through what they are experiencing. At first it would have just been a single page where you could write messages to each other. Instead I just went for it and set up a full-blown forum.

Opting for a full-blown forum solution was definitely the right choice; it adds so many things to the community that a single page simply just won't be able to. On the downside, it adds a lot of costs and complexity.

Talking Sober has its own bills.

  • Server Hosting. The more users we have and the more posts there are on Talking Sober, the more powerful our servers need to be to keep it running smoothly 24/7.
  • Emails. Talking Sober sends about 70 000 emails every month. Registrations, notifications, digests and more. This increases every month as we grow.
  • File storage. Every single file that has ever been uploaded to Talking Sober is still on there. We pay a monthly bill based on the total storage size to keep them accessible.

... and needs a lot of attention

  • Updates. The software the forum runs on, and all the extended features, need to be kept up to date to ensure the best experience for everyone.
  • Maintenance. When the forum crashes, becomes slow or bugs out, I need to figure out what is going wrong and fix it.
  • New features. I'm constantly on the lookout for new features that I can add to the forum to make it a safer and more exciting place to talk about sobriety.
  • Admin. I'm an active admin on the forum. Every day I respond to private messages, resolve disputes, review flags, re-organize posts and help people new to the forum.

Yet it's free

There's no sign-up fee, there are no ads and there are no extra features that you unlock by paying. It has always been free and I'd like to keep it that way. It's a top-class forum running on top-class hardware that you can access any time of the day, from any device.

Becoming a Patron

Becoming a Patron means that you are actively making Talking Sober a better place for people to talk about serious issues like addiction or recovery. You're keeping it fast, stable and ad-free.

You get cool rewards too, like a Patron icon on your forum picture, unique titles and access to Patron only categories.
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