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About Talk Ultra

Talk Ultra is a podcast that provides ground breaking audio content about the world of trail, mountain, ultra and skyrunning.  In addition, through I provide ultra related photography, writing, product reviews and so much more! The content I provide is free and always will be, I pride myself on bringing an honest, impartial point of view to everything I create. I want to be able to push this media forward and make it sustainable so you, can continue to receive this content 365-days a year. By using Patreon, I hope through donations to help sustain a high level of content on this magical world of 'MUT' - Mountain, Ultra and Trail.
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Help me reach $1000 this will cover hosting costs, editing costs and recording costs to maintain Talk Ultra podcast, week-in and week-out as a free show. Talk Ultra has been around since 2011, it's a ground breaking show. Let's not lose it. At a minimum, $1 per month could make a huge difference to the sustainability of the show. But if you can donate more, we will have some special incentives.
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