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What's TalonBrave.info?

An awful lot of people seem to take games for granted today, not understanding the amount of thought and work that goes into each one. Just about every tiny detail often has some thought behind it and sometimes, a lot of this work will often get cut, sliced up or heavily revised for the final product, often for numerous and sensible reasons. TalonBrave.info, like a number of other websites, has the goal of preserving this content/information, but in addition, also reviving some cancelled games into semi-playable projects and releasing information openly in a form that people can easily appreciate.

TalonBrave.info was started originally as the "BetaTube", a YouTube channel I started a few years ago that eventually gained about 400 subscribers. It was a relatively small channel that didn't exactly garner much attention, most content was posted without information and context, and was generally just something that didn't have much thought put into it due to lack of dedication and time.

A year or so ago, I decided to reintroduce the "BetaTube" under a new identity; TalonBrave.info which included a channel and dedicated website.

There's a dedicated page on the website with more information, which you can find here.
The website itself can be found here.

Who are you?

I'm Mark Sowden, otherwise known as hogsy. I'm currently working as QA and support at a company in Tunbridge Wells in the UK, and living in the UK, England.

I've always had a huge interest in games that's gone beyond just playing them and I've always looked to learn more about how they were produced. Game development has always been a career path I've wanted to aspire to, and seeing how games were developed overtime has always inspired me to archive their work but appreciate it at the same time.

Right now, I'm the only person behind TalonBrave.info; this involves paying for hosting, creating videos, working on sub-projects, managing the archive and generally searching for interesting content.

If you want any additional information from me then I can easily be emailed here.

Why should I care?

I personally believe, among many others, that video-games are a form of art in their own respective way, but every single detail that makes up a game is essentially art in its own right (which also applies for films, for example). Every little detail that makes up a game should be given at least some appreciation or respect for the amount of work that went into it which often, sadly, isn't the case. I believe preserving content that otherwise gets cut or heavily revised, gives others the chance to form an understanding on the decisions developers have made while also being a point of inspiration or education for many others.

Many other organisations exist with similar goals, but I want TalonBrave.info to be a little different in its approach; I want to present information or content in a way that can be easily understood, looked at, and easier in general for people to archive themselves. I believe context is important. I don't believe in exclusivity to one-self.

Some efforts towards this includes downloadable "bibles", that describe the history of particular games, along with an analysis of their design, which people can easily read, share, contribute to and archive themselves. Additionally, a few of the projects I'm working on have to do with cancelled games and giving people the chance or opportunity to at least experience what they could have been like; Alliance and Invasion are two projects currently aiming for this. These other projects also aim at organising or converting already existing content into formats that others can more easily access, and thus easier to archive.


There's a number of projects associated around TalonBrave.info, one is a project called Invasion, that aims to restore the Invasion iteration of Team Fortress 2 into something that's moderately playable. The state of the game however, even without most of its content, was likely anything but playable and because of this it's a lot of work.

The second project relates to the cancelled XCOM Alliance, which is simply called Alliance. This project has similar goals to the Invasion project, while also making a lot of the earlier XCOM Alliance content more easily accessible. Sadly the methods used in this process are slightly destructive which is almost impossible to avoid, but the goal is to eventually complete a proof-of-concept recreation of XCOM Alliance that either can become a full-fledged recreation or serve as historical reference for others.

Both these projects are completely open-source to the public, so that others can follow progress or contribute.

How will my money be used?

I believe transparency is fairly important not just to Patreon's but for everyone.
The money from this Patreon will go towards supporting the cost of hosting and helping me support myself, while giving me a motive for keeping TalonBrave.info active and alive. Additionally, depending on where things go, the money from Patreon will also go towards upgrading to a better server. Currently hosting is shared between both OldTimes Software and TalonBrave.info, which isn't desirable but is saving money.

So to summarise...
  • Support the cost of hosting.
  • Take some weight off my shoulders so I can spend more time towards the site and content.
  • Possibly upgrading to a better server.
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With this amount, I can comfortably dedicate all my time to TalonBrave.info, frequently post content and articles, and potentially bring other people on board to write frequent articles in addition to myself.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 6 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 6 exclusive posts

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