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Through the Eyes of Depression started out in 2011, as a blog written by Tamera Trotter as a means to journal both her personal struggle and coping mechanisms dealing with depression. Ms. Trotter utilized her writing to begin to share her experiences living with depression and it served as a catharsis. Eventually, thousands of people around the world began reading her blog and found it both unique and inspiring. Ms. Trotter started to envision a website dedicated to shining a light on mental illness that would have real life experiences, inspiring words, affirmations, personable videos, and viable tools. She decided to blog more consistently and explore more topics she felt were important. As a result, "Through The Eyes of Depression" was born.

Ms. Trotter was diagnosed with depression years ago and has managed this debilitating disease most of her adult life. Initially, she struggled to accept this mental health condition she felt was a weakness. She was not willing to take any medication as recommended or schedule regular visits with a therapist. Ms. Trotter, suffered in silence until her best friend continually encouraged her to seek professional help. Ms. Trotter finally decided to have a psychiatric evaluation which officially gave her the diagnosis of chronic depression. In time, she agreed to try medication which along with exercise helped to manage symptoms and take a proactive approach to this debilitation disease. The combination of this treatment has worked and she is in a much better place.

Ms. Trotter, has a desire to share her knowledge in order to reduce the suicide rate that takes the lives of 800,000 sufferers every year. She is dedicated to continuing her fight even if she can only save one life. The stigmas about mental illness are prevalent and we all should be dedicated to increasing our knowledge of on this subject.
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I am striving to obtain $25 per month as my first goal for Patreon. Your contribution will help me upgrade equipment in order to bring richer and professionally produced content.  Thank you in advance for your support.  If I can save one life it make this work worthwhile.  I spend 25-30 hours every week sharing my message about MENTAL HEALTH AWARENESS.  
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