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About Tana Lynn

So what's patreon?    If you're just showing up here for the first time....here's the lowdown:

if you're a fan of mine and want to support me in the creation of art and the growing of my art career , this is the place,  and who knows what's next...tutorials , classes  i'm wide open. I like surprises.

My Back Story:
I am a self taught Canadian artist living in Vancouver B.C . My training & schooling comes from Makeup Artistry for the film industry in which I have been painting famous faces for 17 years. I first picked up a paint brush while going through a difficult time in my life and needed a way to work through my emotions,
My first painting was a Buddha face that brought me so much joy I felt like the process had healed my soul and so I had to keep exploring. 
I works work with acrylic , oils and encaustic wax ,
Not bound by any school or tradition I simply create what pulls at my heart until it is put down on canvas.

About The Money:

If you have ever walked into an art supply store you know its not cheap to create.
The idea here is that you trust me to use the ongoing budgets as I see fit, not every project will cost the same...but the more budget I  have, the more access I have to explore new ideas , expand the studio, teach this amazing medium, film tutorials and  larger works of art etc.....

here's the key: THIS IS A HUGE EXPERIMENT.

 We're here to make this sucker work together, and we will. 
even if you're a one dollar backer, I want to know what you're digging or not , I want to hear from you as we are now partners in this creation together !!
every patron who's supporting me is important to this community, YOU'RE who  I'm creating for, and I'm glad you found me here.

Whether you're backing me for $1 dollar or  $100 dollars...                              
  Tana Lynn
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My goal is to start teaching in studio and doing tutorial videos , to share the art of creating encaustic paintings . To do this I would need to expand, purchase more equipment and video making  tools etc.
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