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About Tancred

I created Servant, your multifunctional Discord bot.
❤ Invite Servant: http://bit.ly/getservant
❤ Join Servant's Kingdom: http://bit.ly/servcord

Why should I help?
By becoming a Patron, you will help me covering the server costs.
As reward, you will get cosmetic features as I don't want to implement pay to win features.

What do I get?
Depending on your patreon rank, you will get...
... coloured embeds messages.
... profile images.
... a role in Servant's Kingdom.
As Saber ($10+), you can use any colour you want for the embed messages.

Thanks to every supporter and enjoy!
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✓ Caster Profile Image 

✓ Orange Embeds

Includes Discord rewards
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✓ Lancer Profile Image   

✓ Yellow Embeds

Includes Discord rewards
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✓ Archer Profile Image 

✓ Green Embeds

Includes Discord rewards
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✓ Saber Profile Image 

✓ Blue Embeds on Default

✓ Custom Colour Embeds

Includes Discord rewards
$2 of $10 per month
When I reach $10 per month I can expand to a more powerful server.
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