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Oh look, a dragon name theme. How original! At this tier, you will get:
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  • Periodically (I'm hoping maybe once a month?) I will write Design Diaries of my process and thoughts on the design and development of The Dark Unknown, and at this tier you'll get to see them a week before I post them to the public.
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  • Quarterly google hangouts where I'll chat and answer questions and get to know my patrons and tell them spoilers.
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Hello, and welcome to Tapestry of Ages Games. Your host this and every evening is Adam, known in some circles as "Goldenflame", and it is a pleasure to see you.
Tapestry of Ages Games is working to bring to life retro computer RPGs combining a late 80s aesthetic with modern sensibilities and advances in game design.
That's the theory, anyway. I'm hoping you'll let me know how I did once I'm done.

Patreon, or- why am I here?

The reason is fairly simple- games can be expensive. The Dark Unknown, my current project, has been in development for most of a decade, and in that time it has grown considerably in scope and potential from where it started. To make it the game I want it to be at this point, I will need to spend (and have been spending) money. Thus, this Patreon- because every little bit helps, and it helps The Dark Unknown and, dare I dream, perhaps even its sequels, be better games.

But didn't you already do a Kickstarter?

An excellent question. Yes, I did- to fund art for the game manuals and the box cover, not for in-game art. I did take in over my goal, and have earmarked the remainder primarily for physical considerations- commissioning the trinket, getting maps and posters printed, and of course mailing out backer rewards. I don't honestly know how much each remaining thing will cost, but the one thing I do know is it will be more than the Kickstarter brought in.

Is a game really that expensive to make?

Well, it doesn't have to be. But I'd like to make a game that's better than what I could make without spending any money, and I'm wagering that people will appreciate the difference in quality.

I'd like to contribute towards your projects but don't want to use Patreon. Any alternatives?

First off, thank you. If it looks like there actually is interest in such a thing, I'll probably put a Paypal Donate button on the Tapestry of Ages Games website. 

Also, in time there will be art, posters, a book, and eventually physical boxed copies of The Dark Unknown available for sale at Relics By Rild, known primarily now for its offerings of Shroud of the Avatar merchandise. 


My first and primary goal is to commission a pixel tileset that will be unique to The Dark Unknown while keeping the general feel and look of the Ultima IV/V era graphics that I am currently making use of. I do not yet know what this will cost- that research continues.

And finally- thank you! To everyone who is a patron here, was a backer to my Kickstarter, or just is interested in my game- thank you! Without all of you, it wouldn't be worth doing.

 - Adam

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