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About Tara Sim

I'm an author of young adult and adult fantasy, most notably the TIMEKEEPER Trilogy (Sky Pony Press). See what Bustle had to say about it here, and also check out the cover for FIRESTARTER, the third book in the trilogy coming out January 2019, over at Hypable.

I have future publications in the works as well, such as SCAVENGE THE STARS (2020, Disney-Hyperion), which is a YA fantasy re-imagining of The Count of Monte Cristo, and stories in the Color Outside the Lines anthology (2019, Soho Teen) and All Out Now anthology (2020, HarperTeen).

Why I Joined Patreon

Although I mostly work as an author, I also had a day job to pay for necessary bills and rent, as well as important medication. However, I was recently let go at this day job, which means that I have to now fall back on my writing to provide for me and my family. I spend most of my time crafting and developing stories, particularly diverse stories for teens, which involves 40+ hours a week of drafting, editing, proofreading, brainstorming, outlining, research, etc. It adds up to a lot.

Last year, I lost my father, who was not only someone I loved very much, but also the major source of income for my family. On top of losing him, the loss of my day job is devastating, and any little bit helps to inch our way back to stability while I dive back in to the job market--or somehow find a way to make writing my one and only job.

What You'll Get

The loss of my primary income sucks, but the bright side is that I'll have some extra time to create content for my readers old and new alike. If you become a patron, you'll get rewards such as flash fiction, Danny and Colton one shots, and story serializations that will continue from month to month*! (There might even be some special prints once in a while...) And depending on patron accrual, I'll add some more fun things in the future!

Thanks, all <3

* The first novel serialization will be an LGBTQ contemporary retelling of The Phantom of the Opera set in a high school musical program
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With the recent loss of her day job, Tara needs to make a certain amount per month in order to devote more time to crafting and creating stories to share with her readers.
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