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About Tara Wrist

I am a trans woman who has built up a catalogue of writing about moviesgamesbookscomics, and music over the past several years; I've often said I view this effort as an "unpaid internship" in my chosen career path. I would like to be able to do more than provide the absolute bare minimum of critical analysis that I've provided to the people who have provided me, in turn, with an excited, engaged audience; however, especially under my currently unstable and inconsistently, unreliably employed living situation, I can't do that without some monetary investment. I need money to pay my bills, to buy food, to buy clothes and assorted vital feminine beauty products which I need to comfortably present as myself, to keep access to the internet which I use to provide this content people expect from me; obviously and ultimately I need it to live.

Mainly I quite literally need it to live. I will not lie to you, if you are here: the one thing I cannot afford, in any capacity, is to lie. Your pledge money is and likely will continue to be spent almost entirely on bills, rent, and groceries; if I'm ever stably employed enough for it to be otherwise, I'll update this frontpage accordingly. For what help you've been able to provide me so far I cannot thank you enough. For what help you provide in the future I doubt anything I produce could compare. But I intend to try. In return for your support I promise to use the time and space this money affords me to create short critical essays, capsule reviews, sketches, and assorted other process odds & ends, along with, I hope, dedicated essay and/or podcast series, like:

YOU ARE THE DEMONS: From Software's wildly popular Souls series shows no sign of becoming less of an era-defining series of video games any time soon, and its most popular and influential installment the first of the three Dark Souls games. But the game in this franchise I have been affected by most remains the first of these, Demon's Souls. This is an irregular set of critical works explaining why.

BEYOND SHATTERDOME: an extensive, chronologically organized examination of my personal archive of Giant Robot cartoons, video games, and live-action films. I believe there's more to this genre than the typical "vulgar auteurist" or franchise-oriented fandom-based analysis allows, and I want to provide a frame in which to see that. Ideally this should be an essay series, but I am considering making it a podcast, instead.

Supporters will see what new essays, mini-reviews, and any assorted creative process content I can produce immediately upon publication; any essays will be reposted for free consumption starting one month after their initial publication. Supporters willing to pay over $40 may request specific content they'd like to see covered for in any given month, provided it's not too difficult for me to obtain or, in turn, actually watch, and I reserve the right to refuse if I don't believe it would be a healthy decision for me to do so at the time.

Please let me do more with my life besides survive. I can show you such beautiful things if you would only give me the safety and security I need to provide them for you. 
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If I make this much money, I'll be guaranteed the ability to pay rent without scrambling emergency crowdfunding panic each month, and that'll make the creative process I want to pursue and provide for you all that much smoother. It's a nice pipe dream to shoot for, but maybe it won't always be a dream. Help me find out!
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