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My eternal gratitude, and regular good thoughts sent your way! Also, eventual inclusion on a very grateful in-book acknowledgments page! (All levels)
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Asks and answers: Send a question--about writing, about my work, about what kinds of flowers grow best in plant hardiness zone 6b; whatever you like--and I'll add it to my metaphorical hat. Once a month I will host a Q&A, and answer as many questions as I can. Unanswered questions will remain in the hat to be tackled later! Writing-related questions may be featured in the blog posts.

Also eternal gratitude: that goes without saying.
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All patrons at this level will be entered into a monthly drawing. The winner will receive a piece of short fiction, either based on a prompt of their choosing, or a request for more information about an existing story. 

Aaaand I'll be very grateful!




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About Tara

I've been writing since I first learned words could go together in sentences, and that if you put enough sentences together they made stories. I live and breathe stories; I always have. More than anything, I want the opportunity--and the means--to keep creating stories. I'm a novelist, a storyteller, an aspiring playwright. I'm an actor, a mentor, a story enthusiast. Show me a medium, and I probably want to try my hand at it someday.

Any pledge, no matter how small, helps. (I feel like there should be some sad-eyed puppies and plaintive Sarah McLachlan happening here. Sorry.) It buys me time I can spend writing, a roof under which I can write, and cat food so the adorable little jerk doesn't distract me with his wailing. Other goals I'd like to work toward include developing both online and in-person writing workshops, and finally organizing that writer's retreat in Iceland I've been planning for years!

Thank you. Even if you can't pledge right now, thank you for being here, and thank you for taking the time to read my words and offer me emotional support. You're great. I'll name a character after you someday. (And not a villain.) ((Unless that's your thing.)) (((No judgment.))) 

Also, because I believe strongly in paying it forward, ten percent of what I earn here will go toward supporting other writers, artists, and creators, either here, or through sites like Kickstarter or Indiegogo.
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At this level, I'll post snippets of my work, and discuss them--process, technique, anything goes. A kind of Director's Cut.
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