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I Adblock But Like you
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This is just for anyone who does use adblockers and wants to support me, since Youtube hates creators xD
Dude, You rock
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Thank you so much.

You my friend get to have the Patreon role on my discord server.

Includes Discord benefits
Can I Game with you bro?
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You will be added to the tier 2 Patreon Role.

This means that if there is room for you to be able to join, I will add you. If the group is full, or I have too many people, you will have to wait.

Includes Discord benefits




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Important - When you pledge you are pledging for the following month and will gain access to all of your rewards on the 1st of that month.

About Tarlidion
I am a 32 Year Old Texan who just plays games for fun and records them for the heck of it. I am just starting out on the Youtubes, but have streamed on Twitch for a while.

Why Should I Give You My Moneh?
Any pledge will help me to further improve my content, such as getting a much better mic, proper video editing software, and in the future, servers for you guys!

Other Important Info
As a Patreon you will also get a special role on my public discord to stand out from the crowd.

Please don't feel pressured into supporting just because you want to have a special role on the Discord server. Only pledge if you truly enjoy my content and want to support me to create more of the same. ^^
$0 of $200 per month
When I reach $200 per month, I will start up a few hosted public servers for you guys that I will play on.
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