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  • Once I get some stability here the videos will increase to  75 to 80 videos per month as I will now be able to resume  the Weekly Focus for each Sun Moon and Rising sign! 

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  • A video will be added each month digging deeper into the energy that surrounds us and the tools we can utilize to grow our strength and abundance. This will include subjects such as the Tarot, Astrology,  Numerology, Angels, God, Meditation, Reflection... you get the picture! We will be co-creating our knowledge, strength and abundance.

Tea Time with Tilly
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Gratitude and healing will be the theme here. This will be the place to connect with each other through prayer and reflection. Let's build some positive energy together for each other! Is there someone you know who needs positive energy/healing sent their way, perhaps it is yourself?  

This will be a place that I expect your participation in growing a prayer list as well as stories to heal and inspire.



About Tarot with Tilly

Thank you so much for taking the time to find out about my Patreon site! 
My name is Tilly. I've always been drawn to the spiritual energy that surrounds us.  I have been down many roads over the last 40 years to grow my knowledge and in return, aiding others to walk into their own path of abundance. 
In December of 2013 I took my abilities to the next level and started sharing sharing with the world on YouTube. To date I have 6,000,000+ views on my videos and 20,000+ subscribers. I offer a  Daily Focus as well as special events (such as Full/New Moon energy) + meditation and relaxation videos. 
 I love connecting with everyone and explaining how the energy that surrounds us, can be used in a very positive way, to create the future that each of us strive for. Unfortunately YouTube has made releasing videos a hardship with little or no reward. It takes time, money and energy to show up every single day and provide content.
So now I turn to you, the viewer, a member of my community. I ask that you enable me to keep on creating and growing for you through becoming a patron today! 
So... what's in it for you? 
Great intuitive content. The first tier is simply your way of saying to me that you want me to continue, that I make a difference in your life and  have been instrumental in changing the way you now approach your path forward. It is simply the YouTube videos that you can view for free but without ads. I thank you for doing this. It will allow me to create even more content for you so that you stand strong in your life. We will explore topics of interest to growing your abilities and talents to a whole new level. I have some great ideas to implement and your support will enable me to do just that! 
Thank you and remember... I do love you!

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