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About Tas

Hey there, I'm Tas, and I love making funny videos on Youtube that make you laugh and brighten your day.
I play multiplayer video games with my friends (or the general public) and then edit the footage down into condensed videos showcasing the funny, shocking, scary, or just plain good parts for your enjoyment. It's like a bite-sized dose of fun without all the boring fluff in-between. Additionally, I use my always-improving editing skills to enhance the footage in otherwise impossible ways! Whether it's bringing a joke to life with music and effects, or creating one out of thin air, the magic is in the editing.

      I absolutely love making videos, and I constantly try to push my boundaries of what I consider quality when I create. When you consider planning, recording, editing, and everything else that goes into it, a video of mine can easily take more than 8 hours to create; that's more than a work day!  The more time I have to spend making videos, the better and quicker I become at my method. That means better videos, more often, for you the viewer!

      My current computer is beginning to show it's age. I started my channel with this computer, and it means a lot to me but the time for an upgrade is drawing nearer. Various problems, freezes and crashes crop up occasionally and they are becoming more frequent. Unfortunately as it stands I have more pressing expenses to deal with, which is why by supporting me on Patreon, you are helping me upgrade my equipment so that I can continue to create increasingly quality videos for you all.

I also want to say thank you for even considering supporting me, and I hope you enjoy my videos no matter what you decide :)
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At $25 a month, I will purchase an Epidemic Sound or similar music license, to greatly increase the quality of the background music and sound effects in my videos.
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