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Hey everyone,
Welcome to my Patreon page!
I'm working as a freelance 3d digital artist. But my purpose opening this page is to pursue my real passion of what I really want to create apart from my professional projects.
I call myself as Narrative & Environment Artist. What I'm making is environment art, yet it's not just the physical visual image, but each detail of the art inspire your imagination of human life and narrative in the world.
I'd love for you to like my project "NOSTALGIC TRAIN" and decide to be my patron!

About my project NOSTALGIC TRAIN

Have you been excited with Railway modeling when you were a child, or have you ever wanted to jump into nostalgic Japanese countryside - traditional rice field, farm houses, mountain with deep green forest etc. -  which you might have seen in Japanese movies or Animes?

Now that UE4 and lots of nice asset authoring tool such as Substance Painter are available, the situation allows me to makes my dream project come true.

I'm trying to imitate the way how the railway modeling enthusiasts are doing, in Unreal Engine 4.
The petite openworld I'm making in UE4 is a small ecology and universe. Everything are packed into the small layout, from houses, train station, cafe, to river, waterfall, field or forests .
Each step you walk in the world, you will discover something, clue how people lives there.

Future plans for this project and exiting returns for my Patrons!

Demo A
What is this? : You can walk in the world with first person view.
Planned release date : by end of 2017
Who can get this? : All Patrons for free. No plan to distribute this demo to public.

Demo B
What is this? : You can walk in the world as Free Mode, as well as Story Mode Demo.
Planned release date : Early 2018
Who can get this? : All Patrons for free. Might be sold for public.

Completed Build
What is this? : You can walk in the world at Free Mode, as well as the completed Story Mode.
Planned release date : First half of 2018
Who can get this? : Patrons pledging 10$ or more monthly for free. Patrons pledging 3$ monthly can get for discounted price. Will be sold for public in some platforms such as Steam.

PC Spec
The build is likely to require machine with a middle class graphic board or better if you want to play with good graphic setting.
The detailed required / recommended specs will be announced later.

About the Story Mode
I haven't planned to make the character models, animations, AI behaviors since I'm working one this project alone. Therefore the Story Mode could be something like "Walking Simulator". With First person camera view, player will walk and explorer the workd, interact at specific spots or items, and read the texts to progress the story. 2-3 hours maximum to finish the game. The main story plot has been done. I'm trying to achieve a great experience like when you watch or read a high quality movie or novel.

I don't have a good graphic card nor am not interested in the story mode.
Still it's very welcomed if you decide to pledge my project! I'll try to share the screenshots or videos so that you can enjoy my work without playing it.


■■プロジェクト NOSTALGIC TRAIN について■■

■■自己紹介 畳部屋 ナラティブ&環境アーティスト■■


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