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About Tato

Hello! Tato here, welcoming you to my Patreon page! Here, you can get rewards for following my art! Even if you can't afford to buy a tier, you can always view my work for free on Fur Affinity. Your support in any form is always greatly appreciated! 。◕‿‿◕。

Who Is Tato?
I'm a self-employed commission artist, fully devoted to my craft. I've had the privilege of serving the furry community for over 9 years, and now it is my full-time job. Drawing has always been my passion, and when I'm not doing commissions, I am creating stories or doodling for fun.

I graduated SCAD in 2010 with a BFA in Sequential Arts, specializing in web comics and self promotion. I have published comics and children's books, so story-telling, facial expression, and body language are key elements in my art.

But my biggest passion is making an impact in the furry community by encouraging others to pursue their art on a professional level, and making my commissioners' ideas come to life. I am most satisfied when I can make someone's day a little brighter with my work.

What kind of art do you do?
I am a fetish-friendly artist who's willing to draw anything short of nudity and actual sexual situations. I'm mostly known in the babyfur/ABDL community, as well as fatfurs, inflation and tickling. I have a no-kink-shaming policy, so you never have to be afraid to come to me with your commissions! You can find me on Furaffinity at the below mentioned addresses:

Babyfur/ABDL account: Tato
Everything else: FatTato
To read my TOS and find all my commission forms see: HERE

Why should I support you?
Running a business solely on commissions is more difficult than it sounds. Sure, there are great perks like working from home, and drawing what I love for money, but there's an incredible sacrifice that few people understand. Health insurance, taxes, retirement fund, a fixed schedule, and a social environment are all perks of a typical job that many take for granted, but when you own your own business you are your own boss, advertising team, PR, and accountant.

While many folks get refund money at tax season, commission artists OWE money, anywhere from hundreds to thousands of dollars. All of this is because we have no boss to take taxes out of each of our 'pay checks' from individual clients. We calculate it ourselves and file them just like everyone else, to find out how much income tax we owe. In addition to income tax, there's also a Self-Employment tax of 15.3% to cover for Social Security and Medicare. And let's not even mention Paypal's $.30 + 2.9% cut of every transaction, resulting in hundreds to a thousand dollar in fees.

So even though it seems like I have my life made, it's quite the opposite: I have to make a life for myself, and I can't do that without your support and business. Whenever you leave a tip, or support me on sites like Patreon, you're contributing to my entire well-being as an artist and entrepreneur, and I am eternally blessed and grateful ♥


When do I sign up and when do I get my rewards?
You have to be signed up before the 1st of the month you wish to receive the awards for. Your account will be charged on the first of the month. Only fully paid members will receive their rewards.
Example: If you signed up in September (any day after the 1st) you will be able to use your rewards in October, after the October payment period, which is on the 1st.

Can I cancel any time?
You can cancel any time and your rewards end upon cancellation. If you sign up, but cancel before the payment period, you will not be charged, but you will also not get to partake in that month's rewards.

Can I share my tier rewards if I'm collaborating with another commissioner?
The image must feature the Patron's character.
Example: If the Patron has the Exclusive Content tier, and someone wants to collaborate with them on getting a "messy" picture, they are allowed to do so, only as long as the Patron's character is involved.
Example2: If the Patron has the Discount tier, and someone wants to collaborate with them on getting a commission, it must involve the Patron's character.
This is to prevent the Patron from selling commission slots to people to let others take advantage of a single Patron's rewards.
When collaborating on a commission with a Patron, the Patron must be the one to sign up for a slot in order to use the Patron's rewards.

Select a membership level
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Support Tier

A big thank you from the bottom of my heart! Sometimes I give a little extra for Patreon supporters which may include (but not guaranteed) exclusive polls, streams, or even a little discount on commissions regarding props.
per month


Get $10 off Hourly Streams, Custom Adoptables, Icons, Regular & Grab Bag commissions over $25 all month long!
  • +Support & Tutor Tiers
  • Only one discount per item at a time
  • You may use this discount on however many orders you want this month
  • Hourly Commissions are open regularly but keep in mind that all other types of commissions may not always be available
  • Minimum order of $25
  • $10 off per hour of stream, $5 off per half hour
Exclusie Content
per month

Exclusive Content

You will be allowed to get wet/messy/fart/extreme slob/sexual content, which is typically against my TOS and not permitted otherwise.
  • +Support & Tutor Tiers
  • All other rules of my TOS still apply
  • Requesting two versions (clean & messy) will still cost a little extra only if it requires any amount of redrawing. IE: having a lumpy, expanded diaper/diaper for the messy version, and having a clean, regular sized diaper for a clean version
  • Regarding scat: I won't draw the actual scat, but discoloring, lumpy pants, pee puddles/streams etc will be permitted.
  • Regarding sexual content: Typically I don't allow for overtly sexual poses, but I will through this tier. I still will not draw exposed genitals or sex. See TOS for a full list!
  • Whether I post the unclean version to FA is at my own discretion, but you are always allowed to post to your own galleries.
Privacy Tier
per month

Privacy Tier

Request your commission stream to be private, and/or any commission to be not posted at no additional fee (typically $15 per private stream and additional $8 per image not to be posted)
  • +Support & Tutor Tiers

per month

Two Exclusive Tier Bundle

Pick any two exclusive tiers
  • +Support & Tutor's Tier
per month

Three Exclusive Tier Bundle

Pick any three exclusive tiers
  • +Support & Tutor's Tier
per month

The Whole Shebang

You get all of the Exclusive Tiers!
  • +Support & Tutor's Tier
$232 of $450 per month
With your support, car payments & insurance for a reliable vehicle won't have to take away from my main source income!
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