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About TattooRex

HI, Welcome! 
You may now me as Tattoo Rexy or ChariMod on Tumblr An Illustrator and Animator who loves to make Lots and lots of art! as you can see in my blogs, currently i do a lot of free art that i enjoy to share with you guys, and i want to keep making art for you to enjoy, but is hard to do that when i must focus on work outside, so this is where Patreon and you can help me.

Why Should i help You Tat?
Well there is not a real reason to do it other then just helping me with me out.

I do have a job, and lots of work on it, i sometimes get to busy with that that it makes me not able to draw for days, if i could i would actually love be able to draw 24/7 and be able to do an actual web-comic with animations on them

so i heard about patreon, and actually is one of the greatest way of support an artist in need so far! i wanted to see how it could work for me so well i can give it a shot.
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