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Caffeine Squires
per month
The bringers of the divine coffee. You make this stuff work and I love you almost as much as I love coffee, which is a lot.

You will receive a brand new NPC, a fully developed and colorful character for use in your games.

Burrito Warriors
per month
The hunters of the breakfast burritos. This tavern can't run on coffee, grog, and bard songs alone. You hunt for the rest of us. Bravo!

For your bravery, you receive a colorful NPC and a new single encounter that you can drop into your games to make them even more exciting and eventful. Great for adding some flavor to off-the-shelf modules.

Knights of the Round Cup
per month
The Tavern and the Kingdom itself, need more than just a cheap cup of peasant swill. The mighty Knights of the Round Cup ensure the dark life water flows into the Kingdom from abroad.

For your service, you will be rewarded with a new NPC, a drop-in encounter and a "wandering encounter" which is technically also a drop-in encounter for your games. 

The difference is that this one will have more than just a simple one or two areas with opponents and will be a little more sinister. Mwa-hahaha!




per month


Veteran 30 year Dungeon Master who wants to give away all the old school tricks to the new generations of DMs and Game Masters so that they can take pride in creating amazing stories and epic encounters for their players.

Be the DM that people tell their friends about.

Take it from me. The most amazing battles and stories you create now will stay with you for a lifetime to come. 

Let's do this.
$0 of $6 per month
When I hit enough to buy the Large Fancy Coffee that I like at the SBux down the road, I will release my first short 3-4 hours one-shot adventure for use in 5e, or your favorite RPG system that involves Dungeons and/or Dragons. This is the Large Fanccny Coffee goal.
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